Fck the Cupcakes
Be the change

In 2021, Australia entered a gender reckoning. From CBD boardrooms to Canberra, gender inequality was everywhere. Yet 1 in 2 men think inequality doesn’t really exist (IPSOS, 2022).

Equality is seen as a “women’s issue” to solve. So our challenge was clear: engage the missing audience. MEN.

Be the Change is an initiative motivating men to join the fight for equality, giving them the tools to support women 360 days a year. This is no easy feat, it’s complicated and let’s be honest, often awkward. So using humour as our Trojan horse, we helped men really understand the everyday experiences of women in a language they could understand. Then we partnered with leading male organisations to help find their voice with mates, with family and with colleagues.

Piqued your interest? This is no ad campaign, it’s a community. If you’re interested in joining Be the Change, send us a note.